ProSoya Process™ is a unique sate-of-the-art patented technology that naturally produces a "non-beany" soy beverage of cereal-like taste. Unlike some other processes that reject micronutrients containing bean hulls (seed skin), ProSoya Process™ uses whole beans.

  About Staeta  

Staeta is a calcium, vitamins, and minerals fortified beverage made from naturally extracted soymilk from top quality soybeans.

Staeta is thus a natural source of isoflavones and soy protein that is in balance with all the other nutrients nature has provided in the queen of all

Staeta Natural
Unformulated soymilk extracted from whole soybeans naturally without chemical treatment suitable for customers who simply want an un-sweetened high soy protein beverage. Lowest in calories per gram of protein. Use it to make your on tofu, yogurt, puddings, cakes, etc.

Staeta Original
Slightly sweetened soymilk that is fortified with calcium, vitamins and minerals. Use it on cereal, make your own fruit smoothies, blend with juices, "thandai" and other syrups, and create your own recipes. You can also make soy paneer from it just as you make paneer from regular milk.

Staeta Malt
Fortified with calcium, vitamins and minerals, this is a malted and sweetened soymilk. Drink it cold or hot with or without adding cocoa/chocolate.

Staeta Chocolate
Sweetened soymilk with added cocoa and fortified with calcium, vitamins and minerals.

Staeta Kesar-Pista
Sweetened and delicately faloured soymilk fortified with calcium, vitamins and minerals.

Staeta soymilk products are specifically developed for the Indian palate without loading them with high calorie ingredients to mask the bad taste of soy resulting when soymilk is extracted using alternate processes.

Staeta beverages use the most advanced packaging technology from Tetra Pak to seal the goodness of soy in 200 ml and 1 L packages so that these can be stored at room temperature for extended period. Refrigeration is required once the packages are opened.

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Available at premium stores in select cities